Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking Designed To Shorten Environmental Reviews (NEPA) Issued


Earlier this month the Council on Environmental Quality issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking –Update to the Regulations Implementing the Procedural Provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This proposed rulemaking is intended to “…revise and modernize… NEPA regulations to facilitate more efficient, effective, and timely NEPA reviews by Federal agencies.”

As many in the OHV community are aware, NEPA reviews can often be time consuming endeavors which can produce reports hundreds of pages in length.  The proposed changes are intended to “…advance the original goals of the CEQ regulations to reduce paperwork and delays, and promote better decisions consistent with the national environmental policy…”

NOHVCC encourages everyone in the OHV community to take a look at the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and submit comments to encourage a reduction in paperwork and reporting required under NEPA while still ensuring that resources remain adequately protected.

Comments are due March 10, 2020. 

NOHVCC staff just wanted to alert you early in the process so that you will have adequate time to review the notice.  We will work together with other interested parties and will provide opportunities to weigh in, sample comments and other information as this process moves forward.

NOHVCC Association Of The Year Award: Maryland OHV Alliance

The Association of the Year Award was presented to MDOHVA “for their continued growth and development, and their efforts to preserve access for all OHV enthusiasts in Maryland.” Jack Terrell, NOHVCC Senior Project Manager, accepted the award on the Alliance’s behalf, saying, “This award is much appreciated. It is the work of our NOHVCC Associate Partner in Maryland, Ken Kyler, who has done a fabulous job there. There was absolutely no OHV riding anywhere on State land in Maryland. They had shut down every inch of trail there. The attitude was that the way to manage OHV trails is to close them.

“Ken was one of those guys that wouldn’t accept the words ‘no’ or ‘you can’t do that.’ He formed the Maryland OHV Alliance. The interesting thing is, that some of the officers don’t even live in Maryland. What they have accomplished in the last couple years is incredible. The State DNR has agreed to open up a new riding area. They put out a bid to construct the riding area. The bid package has been approved by the State and the trails will be under construction in the next couple of months. It’s a situation where the riders in that State have no opportunities and have had to go ride out of State. They will now have a place in-State to ride. It’s a most deserved award for them, and I am more than happy and honored to accept it on their behalf. We are going to be doing a Great Trails Workshop there 10 days from now, and I will make sure that Ken and the Association receive this award.”


NOHVCC Private Lands Survey

The NOHVCC Teams are fired up to improve the tools we have to help you create a positive future for OHV recreation. The place to start is to get information. However, we don’t want to overload anyone with a gazillion questions all at once. To help break things down into time manageable chucks, we are creating a survey series. The series will be just a few questions that will hopefully not take much time to complete.

In order to create the best tools for you, it is important that as many people as possible respond to our surveys. We hope that you will help!

The first set of questions will help the Private Lands Team get some baseline information regarding what exists for riding on private lands.

If you don’t know about the NOHVCC teams, they are: Clubs and Associations, Network Development, Private Lands, Public Lands, and Youth and Education. All NOHVCC State and Associate State Partners are required to be on 1 of the 5 teams. However, team participation is not limited to just NOHVCC partners. We value the insights and input from our entire network. That means you are welcome to participate in any of our teams. We have conference calls every other month. If you would like more information or are interested in joining a team, contact us at

Thank you for your help!